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Types Of Braids We Teach

Feed-in braids

Feed-in braids is a braiding technique where extensions are gradually added to the natural hair, creating a seamless and natural-looking style.

Knotless braids

Knotless braids is a braiding technique where the extensions are seamlessly incorporated into the natural hair without using knots, resulting in a more comfortable and natural-looking hairstyle.

Box/ Triangle braids 

Box braids are a protective hairstyle where sections of hair are divided into square-shaped parts and then braided from the root to the ends, offering a versatile and low-maintenance style.


Cornrows are a traditional braiding style where the hair is tightly braided close to the scalp in neat rows or patterns, often creating a sleek and versatile look that can be worn in various designs and lengths.

Freestyle cornrows

Freestyle cornrows, also known as "individual cornrows" or "designer cornrows," are a creative and artistic variation of cornrow braids where the stylist has the freedom to create unique patterns, shapes, and designs using the hair. This style allows for more customization and expression, resulting in a visually striking and personalized look.


Twists, also referred to as two-strand twists or Senegalese twists, are a protective hairstyle created by twisting two sections of hair around each other. This technique forms rope-like strands that can be worn as is or styled in various ways, providing a versatile and low-maintenance option for those seeking a textured and trendy look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

At our braiding Academy , you can expect to learn a wide range of braiding techniques such as feedin braids, cornrows, box braids, twists, and many more.
Additionally, you may also learn about different hair textures, scalp care, proper sectioning and parting, and the use of various braiding tools and accessories.

No prior experience is typically required to attend our braiding school. We often welcome beginners who have little to no experience in braiding. We provide comprehensive training from the basics to advanced techniques, catering to students of all skill levels.

Attending our braiding school offers several benefits, including:

Professional training: our Braiding schools provide structured training programs taught by experienced instructors, giving you a comprehensive understanding of different braiding techniques.

Skill development: You can hone your braiding skills and learn new techniques under the guidance of professionals, allowing you to enhance your proficiency.

Networking opportunities: Our Braiding schools will provide opportunities to connect with fellow students, instructors, and professionals in the industry, expanding your network.

The duration of courses offered by us can vary. We may offer short-term courses that can be completed in weeks, while more extensive programs spanning 1 month. The length of the course depends on the complexity of the techniques taught and the depth of the curriculum.